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but you're killing everything in me [entries|friends|calendar]
emmy demmy

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Because... [21 Mar 2005|08:25pm]

I'm posting this because i love Amber and becase i not only took but am in most of these photos.



FRIENDS ONLY [19 Mar 2005|07:36pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Ok so here is the start of my friends only journal. I have discovered that no one notes on this thing aside from my friends anyway, so it doesn't matter. Also anyone who doesn't have an LJ and can't read it know everything already.

If you want to be added to my friends list and aren't already on it, let me know.

I may still update publicly if something important happens or when it's one of those quiz things that i feel like sharing, if not you'll just have to ask! ADIOS!


P.S. Thank you to ladymysla for the wonderful friends only banner!!!

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[18 Mar 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Ok so let's start with today. Woke up went to Bean, got some tea, chilled with Sam, drove to hollywood, picked up pictures, went to Panda Express, then home. Thanks to traffic hollywood sucked balls. Hollywood Blvd was empty though. Kinda wierd for a friday night.

In other news. This Journal will be going friends only next week. I may still post auditions and things public, but for the most part it will be friends only. No one other than my friends actually notes on this thing anyway. And people that aren't signed up on LJ know everything already.

Tomorrow i have work from 10-2 in downtown LA, then i'm supposed to try and get privately coached for an audition on Monday. Sunday...i dunno. Monday i need to go to Osbrink, Roklin and my audition.

Ok that's it...later

a dream is a wish your hreart makes, when you're fast asleep. when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, everything your heart desires will come to you...if you keep on believin the dream that you wish will come true.


Courage is starting the race with no end in sight... [17 Mar 2005|07:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Last night i studied lines, and barely got any sleep. Then i woke up at like...8.30 and got ready to go. First i had my audition, then i went to Lena's (manager) to get my pics which weren't ready yet, then to Pink's!!! OMG I love Pinks! Mor eon Pink's in a sec. Then i went back to Lena's and stole my pics and took them to Paragon to get 4x6's of them. Then home. Sam got her hair straightened at work, and i think that was it for the excitement.

Ok so Pink's. Pink's is a family owned hot dog stand that has been around since 1938 or something like that. It's on LeBrea at Melrose. Basically they have the best hot dogs ever! They pop in your mouth. I mean you bite into them and the inside just kind of explodes. So i had a chili dog and fries with water. It was soooooooo freaking good. I haven't one since mama was here in November. mmmm nummy nums...i had everyone all kinds of jealous because they couldn't be there.

So sam might be getting cut from work which would be nice. I had plans but then SOMEBODY had to go to hoot's. Well i'm out.


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[16 Mar 2005|11:24pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Yesterday i think i really only had my class. It was good. We're doing a scene from Legally Blonde. It's 3 girls, i'm Serena. We couldn't decide who we wanted to be so instead we turned all of the sides over and picked one. lol Then i came home and passed out, i dunno why i was so tired, but i was.

Today Sam came over and carried stuff into her apt, then we walked over to the furniture place so she could order her bed. She went to work, and i relaxed until i went to my Pilates class. It wasn't as good as the first time...but it wasnt' bad either. I really need to go back to my yoga classes dammit! lol

So let's see what else...i'm going home again! YAY! Then the month after that Mama is coming out here for like 10 days (kinda scary), and we're going to go to Santa Barbara and Vegas. Mama also scheduled a Cruise for my birthday. We're leaving from LA and going to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and somewhere else... some place with and M...i dunno! lol We're going to do a spa day on the ship, and only one excursion in Cabo. We're going to do a snorkle feista. Basically snorkle then drink. lol Gotta love Mexico. I can't wait to be back on a cruise ship again. It's a Royal Carribean ship. So there's a rock wall, ice skating rink, fitness center and classes. So excited! lol

Tomorrow i have an audition for a film. I'm helping Sam move some more shit probably, and i dunno what else...Rarg!

Ok so i'm off to study sides. Love...

what's that for? hush money...i came to the realization that if given the choice between sharing a space with my classmates or facing a blizzard, it's blizzard for me...did he say repelent? seems like he should have doesn't it?

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I'll bet your hair looks like shit after sex... [15 Mar 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | full ]

I woke up at 7.30/8 a Then i got dressed, made tea and ran out the door for a 9.30 audition. It was on the Disney lot which was so freakin cool! lol I always get really giddy driving around the lots. tehehe So then i drove into Hollywood to drop pics off at Lena's (manager) Then home for a lil while. And then back out for audition number 2 at 1.45. I got there at 1 and wasn't even seen until 1.50. They were running a lil behind. Anyway, then i got out of there and ran, and i do mean ran out of the building and to my car. I hauled ass to my last audition at 2.30 in Santa Monica. I walked in the door at 2.27! I was so fucking proud of myself! lol At around 3.15 i was leaving and tried calling Sam, and then her mom called my cell and asked if i had spoken to Sam, of course i hadn't and neither had she. She called like 3 times and i ended up driving to Sam's house, breaking in, waking her up and getting her on the phone with her mom. She had us all pretty worried. Then we came back to my house, dropped off her car, drove to baha, ate, watched some tv and i went to the gym. Now i'm home and getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow-Gym, phone calls, class tomorrow night.

I'm going to also explain the quote above. So tonight, Sam and i were sitting around watching TV and she was playing with my hair and was like "Your hair would tease so easily, you must look like shit after sex." And i just kinda looked at her and was like "yeah but then i do this ::runs fingers through hair:: and it's all better" She was like "yeah my hair eats my head, ya know how blood rushes to guys penis? well i think that's what happens to my hair." burst into uncontrollable laughter...just thought i'd share-LOVE YOU SAM!

Chris and i haven't talked much except for online. ::sniffle:: Haven't talked to Peri lately. ::sniff:: Amber hasn't felt like talking. Angela (in FL) text me-LOVE YOU GIRLIE! Angela's friend Angela noted me-I will im soon-PROMISE. And i dunno what else..

ok - good night

i can't say i was never wrong, but some blame this on you. work and play it's never ok to mix the way we do...

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[13 Mar 2005|11:16pm]

DO NOT READCollapse )

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Hungry Howie Maui! [13 Mar 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Ok so let's see...I had Pizza with Sam on Friday.

Yesterday-Had a Pilot audition on Larchmont below Melrose. It went well ::crosses fingers:: then i walked around and "window shopped." I saw some adorable stores! 1 that is also in SoHo, which explains why i like it, a beauty store that has my face stuff (dermalogica-impossible to find out here), and a very boutique-ish store. It was like Melrose only jammed into one block with no Punk stores...which is nice sometimes. Then...ummm...wow...oh i coughed all night. That was fun.

Today-i woke up exhausted, but dragged my ass out of bed to go to a pilates class which was really good. Then i went over to Sam's to help her pack up some stuff and load up my car. Then i drove home and attempted a nap which didn't happen, then Sam came by with stuff in her car and we carried everything up to her apt.

Tomorow i have 2 auditions, and Homa's class. I dunno if i want to go. I think Sam wants to, and i know i should, but i REALLY need to hit up the gym. I dunno...i'm just really sick of the class...not even the class as much as just Homa. I mean he's awesome and a great guy, but he doesn't know how to say things nicely, and he sometimes is really mean to people when he's trying to joke. I mean i get yelled at constantly because i never do a scene. Ok-i didn't have one, and everytime i was about to go up he would send someone else up. RARG!!! So of course i would get yelled at for not going up, even though i couldn't...i dunno Sam understands...maybe you had to be there...

I like my Kristopher Kyer class. It's a commercial acting class. I mean it's not bad, and not wonderful but i can tolerate it, ya know? I still need to find a script for 3 female characters, if anyone has an idea let me know! I only have like 2 more classes which is nice too...especially since i had to pre-pay and all.

Ok so i have sides to study, a shower to take, tea to drink, and sleep to catch up on.


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Kicking my ass... [11 Mar 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Ok so quick update. Today Chris and i broke up. I had the wierdest audition. I read for the new Tony Hawk Video game and they liked me enough to let me read for a different game.

Tomorrow-Pilot audition, maybe some shopping after.


Monday-Pilot audition, dropping off headshots, commercial audition. Supposed to go to Homa's...i dunno tho

Tuesday-Kyer class.

Wed-Fri-dunno yet. But Sam is moving into my complex.

Sat-Possible Promotion

And i think that's it for now. I'm off to read a script and study sides, while some cramps kick my ass. Later

P.S. Still looking for a pic for a friends only page. If anyone wants to make one or tell me how to that would rock my socks! THANKS

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Oh Yeah! [10 Mar 2005|11:40pm]
I forgot! PALO IS AN ASSHOLE!!!!I feel a lil better. He brought some girl into Sam's house while we were away in SF. Then he tried to deny it! MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!

Oh yeah, don't forget-i need friends only signs! love!!!

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